Top 5 Reasons Why Basketball is the Greatest Sport of All Time!

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Top 5 Reasons Basketball is the Greatest Sport


Everyone has their opinions about which sport is the best. Basketball has always been my favorite.  I think it’s the greatest sport of all time and here’s why:


1) The Action never stops

I know there are a few other sports that have continual action too but when compared to the popular American sports of football and baseball there’s simply no comparison. The slow moving nature and the fragmented starting and stopping between plays and pitches makes it hard to hold the attention of the casual fan. Basketball on the other hand appeals to the masses and is really easy to understand. The games are quick and action filled. Now if we could just get them to get rid of those dreaded TV time outs!


2) It’s Climate Controlled

Any parent that’s experienced the wind, rain and cold of outdoor sports can really appreciate this one! Not only are the spectators happy being warm and cozy indoors for basketball games but the players appreciate not having to account for a strong wind or rain or a sloppy field. Of course that’s assuming the custodians have done their job with dust removal to ensure the court isn’t more like a skating rink.


3) You Play with a Ball That You Can Throw Around and Bounce with Your Hands

A little boy or girl takes to a round ball like a fish to water. Toss them a ball and chances are they’ve got a friend for life. They don’t have to figure out unnatural things like throwing a spiral or swinging a golf club or fielding a ground ball. Just bounce it, chase it and throw it around – hours and hours of free entertainment. Soccer comes in a close second with this one but notice I said “with hands”. Learning to do something with your hands just seems a lot more natural than having to use your feet.


4) Easy to Get a Game Going

Not only is it easy to stay entertained playing the game by yourself but to get a little competition going you only have to add one more body. No equipment or umpires or screaming parents to contend with. Call a buddy and play on. Call a few more and you’ve got a full-fledged game.


5) Everyone Gets to Run, Jump, Dribble, Shoot and Pass

Forget getting stuck out in right field or being put on the line of scrimmage and told to “just block”. Or playing lacrosse, soccer or field hockey and being told you’re a defender. Basketball gives equal ability to all to dribble, shoot, pass and rebound. Except when playing on a team and your coach tells you to tone it down or not to do something at all, the sport has everyone fully engaged. That is, unless you’re unfortunate enough to get on a team that has that one ball hog who wants to do it all himself.

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